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Umbrella CIVIC narratives

Published onApr 30, 2019
Umbrella CIVIC narratives



Ethics: infrastructure for cataloging harms, estimating impact.

Planetary: Work together not only when there are elections; the texture of sense-making and informed society is contsant, not periodic.

Information: verifiable, accountable (those who create or disseminate), representative of the global public.

Meta: Solutions needed to solve other problems.
1. freedom 2. environment 3. shared truth 4. mutual trust 5. exploits + zipf
~ you cannot spread ideas if truth+trust are not shared.

Experiment, but have a variety of ways to reach around the world: structure thought so as to slide past bottlenecks.

Ways to reach a planet

via 1. unal platforms (whoops) 2. religion 3. government 4. phil & sci
data capture: capture + catalog
human network: new clan + cult
architecture + tools: to talk to algorithms at scale.
finesse the q: interlay, underlay, crawl, harvest

Feedback from 100k people in 4 wks —> gov + research testing?
(NB: movements from online to off is often faster. continuous tools?)

Ways to dream & build

~ Stake, start, inspire, persist. [wstyle]
= Namespaces, classifications
% Global goods, models, tools

Things to design & build

^ persistence of threads.
catalog waves [rome: cicer, relig: ritual, memetics, social law.
today: #yourslipisshowing, #solidarityisforww]
z catalog
network vision. bot coordination. three-ring test.
_ expand who makes tools, does research.
models of nymity.
* mod: public custodians.
observatories: GV-potemkin? CvC - bhi-style interpolation
+ novel ways for collective gov.
negative into positive acts . info that enhances civic life.
@ ‘Whose knowledge graph?’

Shadow dreams

Panoptics, Benthams. RU—>modern times.
OH: ”GV: the global monkey”
End states that can’t be distinuished (kg capture)
classify systems by capture modes.

Crowd dreams

~Alexios: ‘crowds slowed down a failed FC project. But well-structured crowds like GV can be an early warning system’ crowds for fighting misinfo [periodismo para que on te la cuelen]
+this work needs an army. meet, inspire: pool abilities, k, expertise.
+browse popular memepools, not just your own feeds. Share memes.

Things to map

The knowledge-power spectrum:
Rich context —> facts + multiple truths.
Oppression —> propaganda + multiple lies.
The tools of sense-making lend selves naturally + powerfully to power.

Marginalia: Knowledge centered around the margins and marginalised.
(WK: Dalit, queer Bosnian, original communities everywhere)
OurKnowledges (as project)
How do we ensure we allow k-varietals to flourish while detuning asociality?

Measure / report. how good/bad important things are.
Determine causes. / run knock-out experiments.
Test change / run intervention experiments

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